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Yearbook 2009

Venezuela. In July, just six months after diplomatic relations were re-established with neighboring Colombia following last year's conflict, President Hugo Chávez again froze contacts. The reason was Colombia's plans to give several of its military bases to the US military to help with the fight against organized crime and terrorism, which Chavez perceived as an aggressive act. According to countryaah, Chávez, who has long advocated a strong anti-American and anti-imperialist rhetoric, and also been on a confrontational course with Colombia's right-wing President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, ordered reinforcements of Venezuela's defense at the border with Colombia. The conflict gained further fuel when, a few days later, Uribe Vélez announced the discovery of several Swedish-made weapons found in left-wing FARC.

2009 Venezuela

On February 15, a referendum approved amendments to the Constitution that will allow a sitting head of state to be re-elected as many times as possible, a change that is primarily considered tailor-made for President Chávez himself before the 2012 presidential election. once for a second term. A similar referendum was held just over a year before, in December 2007, ending with a defeat for Chávez, but this time 55 percent of voters, which represented 67 percent of the total electorate, voted for the proposal. However, the margin of victory was less than expected, and the opposition made significant advances in opinion. Among other things, the down side won in the two largest states Zulia and Miranda as well as in the capital Caracas. The excitement for next year's congressional elections rose, as the opposition could dominate the legislative process for the first time in 10 years. Hugo Chávez, by the way, celebrated his 10 years in power in Venezuela by declaring February 2 for a public holiday.

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