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Yearbook 2009

Uruguay. According to countryaah, José Mujica of the coalition Frente Amplio (FA) did not succeed in gaining his own majority in the first round of the October 25 elections, but was forced into a second round of 29 November against Luís Alberto Lacalle (1990-1955) from the opposition party Partido Nacional. November 29 election results were 53 percent for Mujica and 43 percent for Lacalle. In the congressional elections held October 25, the FA won a majority in the Senate while in the House of Representatives a minority position was obtained. The government coalition won in 11 of the country's 19 provinces, including the six largest. Two referendums were held on the same day. In one, voters voted no to repeal the law that granted amnesty for military human rights violations during the dictatorship 1973–85, in the other they agreed that foreign-resident Uruguayans should be allowed to vote in the country's elections.

2009 Uruguay

In September, Uruguay became the first country in Latin America to allow gay couples to adopt children and form families when the House of Representatives approved a law the month before it passed the Senate. Conservative circles, led by Archbishop Nicolas Cotugno, opposed the longest law change.

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