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Yearbook 2009

Samoa. According to countryaah, Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailele Malielegaoi, at the beginning of the year, warned in a letter to government officials about corruption, specifically mentioning foreign investors who are buying benefits and depriving the country of huge profits.

2009 Samoa

The battle over the planned transition to left traffic continued during the year. However, the government's line triumphed and in September the shift took place. During the transition, the population was given two days off for traffic to be reduced, and alcohol consumption was also banned for three days.

In September, Samoa suffered a natural disaster that killed nearly 150 people and caused major damage to agriculture and infrastructure. Entire villages were eradicated and thousands of people became homeless. An earthquake in the sea off the island caused several tsunamis. One of the river waves was close to three meters high and over a hundred meters wide, and poured far into the island. The government advertised disaster conditions and received aid broadcasts from the outside world.

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