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Yearbook 2009

Paraguay. According to countryaah, President Fernando Lugo was increasingly employed during the year by scandals in his past. Above all, it was revealed during the year that he has no less than three extra-marital children that he had when he was still a bishop. The case was given a special profile because Lugo went for election on a program of moral upheaval, and Catholicism has a strong position in the country. The hopes of the opposition, especially the Colorado Party, which lost a presidential election in April 2008 for the first time in 61 years, that the scandal would damage confidence in Lugo came partly to shame after the president himself went out and apologized for his behavior. However, the opposition was active in its opposition to the government in Congress, including the issue of legal and economic reform in the wake of the financial crisis.

2009 Paraguay

At the beginning of the year, President Lugo's promised land reform was set in motion. The landless peasants in Paraguay threatened with new land occupations because the reform work has not started in a year. There were international implications in this, as many of the large landowners who will have their property expropriated are Brazilian soybeans living in Paraguay, and Brazil's Foreign Minister Celso Amorim warned that violence in the Paraguayan countryside might increase.

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