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Yearbook 2009

Netherlands. In January, a court in Amsterdam ordered a lawsuit against MP Geert Wilders for incitement against a group of people. According to countryaah, the background was that Wilders compared Islam to Nazism and advocated that the "fascist" Qur'an be banned in the Netherlands. In February, Wilder's entry into the UK was denied, citing his statements about Muslims as a threat to security. Wilders would attend the upper house during a screening of his controversial short film about Islam, "Fitna", following an invitation by the UK-skeptical right-wing UKIP. However, he was forced to turn over at London Heathrow Airport. The incident prompted Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen to submit a formal protest to his British colleague. In October, a British court upheld the entry ban for Wilders.

2009 Netherlands

In celebrating Queen's Day on April 30, a man in the car tried to drive into the bus in Apeldoorn that Queen Beatrix and other members of the royal family were sitting in. Six people were killed and several injured when the man plowed through barriers and straight into a crowd. The assailant, who himself died the following day, had recently gotten rid of the job and was about to lose his home. His motive remained unclear.

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