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Yearbook 2009

Namibia. Like many other commodity-rich African countries, Namibia is overseen by foreign major companies. In June, the Russian group Gazprom signed a US $ 1 billion contract with Namibian energy company Namcor to build a gas power plant designed to keep both Namibia and neighboring South Africa with electricity. Through the power plant, Gazprom gets a foothold on the potentially lucrative Kudu field in the sea with estimated reserves of 3.3 trillion cubic feet of gas. The contract was signed in the presence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and at the same time agreements on Russian investments were also concluded in the mining and oil exploitation.

2009 Namibia

In December, a state mining company was created to coordinate the extraction of all of Namibia's mineral resources. According to countryaah, a deal with the state-owned Chinese company Nuctech for the delivery of X-ray equipment to the Namibian Customs led to charges of suspected bribery. Two Namibians and one Chinese were indicted but released on bail in August. The investigation continued for the rest of the year.

The general elections at the end of November resulted in expected grand victories for President Hifi kepunye Pohamba and the ruling party SWAPO (South West Africa Peoples Organization). Pohamba received 76.4 percent of the vote in the presidential election and SWAPO 74 percent in the parliamentary election.

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