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Yearbook 2009

Micronesia Federation. In January, Australia provided disaster relief to the island nation, which in December 2008 had been hit by floods caused by abnormally high waves and storms. Groundwater was polluted by salt water, farmland was submerged and nearly 20,000 people were affected by the floods in various ways. In March, the Federation's Congress decided to spend $ 1.4 million to repair damage to the outer islands. In doing so, the congress ran over President Manny Mori, who had opposed the use of so much money from the fund intended for future use. The fund allocates part of the annual support that the Micronesia Federation receives from the United States.

2009 Micronesia

On March 3, elections were held for the 14 seats of the Federal Congress. In addition, a new governor and new members were elected to the congress in the federation's most populous state, Chuuk. According to countryaah, the members were elected through personal elections as there are no parties in the traditional sense in the country. The turnout was approximately 85 percent.

In November, the Micronesian Federation, along with ten other Pacific Islanders, demanded that the UN adopt a legally binding agreement at the Copenhagen climate summit in December. The group's spokesman, Palau's UN ambassador Stuart Beck, said before the UN General Assembly that only a binding climate agreement can save low-lying countries such as the Marshall Islands, Kiribati and Tuvalu. The disappointment was therefore great among the Pacific countries when it became clear that the climate summit did not lead to a binding UN document signed by all countries.

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