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Yearbook 2009

Maldives. According to countryaah, the May elections were a relative setback for newly elected President Mohamed Nashid. His party's Maldivian Democratic Party received 26 of the 77 seats, two fewer than the Maldivian People's Party, formed by former President Maumun Abdul Gayum. It forced the former political prisoner Nashid to rely on a fragile coalition government.

2009 Maldives

In June, Nashid visited Stockholm to receive the Anna Lindh Prize. He was awarded it for both his efforts for a peaceful change of power as well as for his efforts to put the individual and human rights at the center of the climate change debate. The Maldives, whose land surface has an average elevation of about 1.5 meters, is one of the countries most threatened by a rising sea surface. Both Nashid and Representative Gayum have noticed the vulnerability of the Maldives and other low-lying nations at a number of international forums, and Nashid promised shortly after the power take-off that until 2010 they should have completely abolished their own carbon dioxide emissions. In a public relations jeep with serious undertones, in October, Nashid and his ministers conducted a government meeting at 4 meters deep in the sea, all wearing diving equipment.

The Maldives and India agreed in August on increased cooperation in defense and security matters. First and foremost, India should help monitor and protect the Maldives' exclusive economic zone.

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