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Yearbook 2009

Luxembourg. From the turn of the year, language tests were introduced in Luxembourgish, Luxembourgish, for those who want to become citizens of the country. It is primarily a spoken language; French and German dominate in administration and media.

2009 Luxembourg

In March, Parliament passed the Act on Active Euthanasia and assisted suicide that triggered a constitutional crisis the year before. When Grand Duke Henri made it clear that he did not intend to sign the law, the constitution changed. In the new vote, his opportunity to veto the law was eliminated. Luxembourg became the third country in Europe to allow doctors to help patients with incurable and deadly diseases die. According to countryaah, the others are Belgium and the Netherlands; Switzerland only allows assisted suicide.

In June, national elections were held. The Christian Democratic CSV received 38 percent of the vote and 26 of the 60 seats in Parliament. This meant a slight increase, while the socialist party LSAP backed slightly and received 13 seats. In July, the two parties formed a new coalition government. Jean-Claude Juncker, who has been sitting since 1995, continued as prime minister. Juncker, however, left the finance minister post, which was taken over by party partner Luc Frieden.

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