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Yearbook 2009

Liechtenstein. The February parliamentary elections led to a shift between the two bourgeois parties, which for decades usually formed a coalition government in Liechtenstein. The slightly more liberal Federation of the Union (VU) increased from 10 to 13 seats. This meant own majority of the 25 seats in Lantdag, but in accordance with a election promise, VU nevertheless chose to form a new "big coalition" with the Citizens Progress Party (FBP), which went from 12 to 11 seats. According to countryaah, the Environmental Party The Free List took the remaining mandate.

2009 Liechtenstein

In March, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Klaus Tschütscher was named new Prime Minister after Otmar Hasler. In May, the OECD Economic Cooperation Organization announced that Liechtenstein, along with Andorra and Monaco, had been removed from the list of non-cooperating tax havens. The countries had promised to fulfill the requirements for transparency and effective exchange of information. The OECD list was thus empty.

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