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Kos Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Kos

There are many attractions and sights in Kos. The island is not so small and the history of Kos is long. So there is no reason why you just have to spend all your time on the beach or poolside. You are guaranteed to be sunburnt enough, even if you take the time for some excursions.

For many, the main attractions of Kos are all the beaches. These are discussed in the section ' Tourist on Kos ' and are therefore not included here.

  • See DigoPaul for dictionary definitions of Kos, Greece. Includes geographical map and city sightseeing photos.

Hippocrates' tree
In Kos town you will find the tree that supposedly must have been where Hippocrates himself taught his students (disciples) in the art of medicine. The address is Platía Platanou, right next to the Gazi Hassan Mosque of 1776.

Attractions in Kos

Agora market
The Agora market in Kos was once a leading market in Europe. Kos Town was powerful in ancient times and its market measured a full 300 meters in length and 50 meters in width. The market building was destroyed in an earthquake in the year 469.

The urban market is still there today, and the white building is both large and beautiful, but probably cannot be compared to the past edition.

From ancient times, Asklepieion has been known as a temple in honor of the god Asklepios. This god-figure is known for relying on a rod wrapped by a snake. The Asklepios stake is still used today as a symbol of doctors and pharmacies.

There are several Asklepion temples, and in Athens you will find another Asklepion. People came to such temples to recover from diseases and other plagues. The story tells us that Hippocrates must have received his medical training on Kos' asclepieion which you will find in Kos town.

Nerantzia / Johanniter Knight
Castle The castle of Nerantzia, located in Kos Town, is also known as the Knights Castle or Johannitterridder Castle, since Knights of the Maltese Order of St. John built this in the period 1380 to 1514. The castle thrones over Kos town and is a landmark.

An Odeon, or odeum, also called, is the name of buildings used in ancient Greece and Ancient Rome to perform songs and music, and other less pleasant things. Like for example. that in Kos, fighting had been arranged between prisoners for the amusement of the people.

The Roman odeon [see picture first in the article] which you will find on Kos dates back to about 200 years BC. and is still in remarkably good condition.

The Venetian castle of Antimachia
Above the village of Antimachia, right at the airport, you will find a 13th-century castle that is still in good condition. From the castle you have a fantastic view of the sea! There are also sights inside the castle.

Lido Waterpark Lido Water
Park was started in 2004 and offers children of all ages a number of fun water activities spread around 75,000 square meters. The park is located in Mastichari, about 25 kilometers (south) west of Kos Town, and is one of the largest water parks in Greece.

Archaeological Museum
In a beautiful two-story building in Kos Town you will find the Archaeological Museum. Here you will see beautiful Italian sculptures, superb mosaic art, various ceramics and much more.

What you just "have to see" in the museum is the statue of Hippocrates (who else?), Which dates to about 300 BC. and the statues of gods of Demeter, Kore and Pluto who are also more than 2,300 years old. The address is Plateia Eleftherias and opening hours usually from 0830 to 1500 every day except Mondays where it is closed. Entry is free for children under 17 and under thirty for adults at the time of writing.

Tourist in Kos

True, Kos is not the most beautiful and picturesque of the Greek islands. But mountain formations exist, and the small town of Zia is a beautiful destination in that regard. Not only does Zia bring peace of mind, the surrounding nature is also a delight to the eye.

Tourist in Kos

Zia is located about 16 kilometers south of Kos Town, on the island.

Many tourists also visit the hot springs Empros Therma. Here, it boils in the water from nature's own hot tub, and the bathing temperature is more than warm enough for most. Here you can spend a good time in the water. Healthy it is too. The beach is covered with dark stones. Empros Therma can be found at Agios Fokas, about 8 kilometers southeast of Kos Town.

A favorite for many is the town of Kefalos and the island of Castri located just off the beach here. This is the very postcard motif for Kos, and something every tourist must bring. The beaches near Kefalos and Agios Stefanos are also great. Kefalos can be found in the southwest of Kos.

Several beaches on Kos

Because it is no secret that most tourists who consider Kos as a destination are looking for sun and bath. The climate is warm and the beaches are many and varied. Around Kos you will find beaches of various kinds. At Kos town [see picture first in article] the beaches mostly have pebbles and / or coarse-grained sand.

Just east of Kos Town, just a few kilometers away from the capital, you will find the famous tourist destination Psalidi. Here, too, the beaches are made of stone and pebbles, but the atmosphere is calmer than the one found in Kos town itself.

On the other hand, if you take the road west from Kos Town, you will not have to go long before reaching more fine-grained sandy beaches. The small town of Tigaki is located just over a mile west of Kos Town and has a great long-running sandy beach.

Marmari and Masthihari further west also have sandy beaches. The latter is also the place where you will find the large Lido Waterpark (see attractions in Kos).

Many festivals in Kos

A number of festivals are held in Kos, not least in the summer. Most of it takes place in Kos Town, but several tourist towns hold parties and fun in honor of local food and drink.

Examples are found in Masthihari (Festival of Wine and Honey), in Karadamena (Festival of Fish) and in Kefalos (Festival of Ouzo).

General about Kos!

Kos is a safe resort. There should be no danger to visitors. Pocket thieves are of course available, but on the other hand you will find these everywhere else as well.

Kos is suitable for everyone. Here there is a great nightlife, but also romantic quiet small towns. And enough history and culture than you can get along with during a summer vacation. So anyone can find out that Kos is a favorite!

The worst thing about Greece is that you can never be safe from strikes! On the other hand, there are few places we can imagine that it is better to wait until the strike ends than on Kos.


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