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Yearbook 2009

Guatemala. According to countryaah, Guatemala's social and economic situation forced President Álvaro Colom into a series of changes in the government during the year. As part of the renewal of the security institutions, initiated by the dismissal of several senior military in December 2008, Secretary of the Interior Francisco Jiménez was dismissed in early January. The direct reason was the escalating crime - in 2008 6,200 people were murdered in the country - and Jiménez's replacement Salvador Gándara is considered the hard line man. In March, the finance and agriculture ministers were replaced.

2009 Guatemala

President Colom's worst crisis came in May when he was accused of involvement in the murder of a prominent lawyer, Rodrigo Rosenberg, who, on a videotape recorded shortly before his death, says he is on the president's death list because of his involvement in a specific court case with links to the president's family and circle of friends. Colom dismissed the charges as political sabotage against him, but the scandal persecuted him for the rest of the year.

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