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Faroe Islands

Yearbook 2009

Faroe Islands. During the year, Denmark and the Faroe Islands were in conflict with Norway and Iceland for 88,000 kmē in the North Atlantic, an area twice the size of Denmark's land area. In the Danish and Faroese view, the area belongs to the Danish national community, but the conflict must be decided in the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea.

In May, the Lagting voted down a proposal that assault and assault would be more severely punished if the crime had to do with skin color, belief, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Republicans were the only party to vote in favor. In 2006, as the last country in Europe, the Faroe Islands adopted a ban on discrimination against homosexuals.

During the year, politicians worked on a proposal for their own constitution. The law will allow the Faroese to decide what relationship the kingdom should have to Denmark, continued so-called national community or independence. According to the plans, the Faroese will take a position on the Constitution in a referendum in 2010.

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