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Yearbook 2009

Dominica. During the year, work continued to rebuild infrastructure and crops following the damage caused by devastating tropical storms during the hurricane seasons of 2007 and 2008. In July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decided to grant another loan of approximately SEK 35 million to help the country out of the crisis. The loan would be paid off extra quickly and was earmarked to help Dominica recover from the "extensive damage to crops and infrastructure caused by two hurricanes in 2007-08." In addition, the country's economy was negatively affected by the global economic downturn during the year due to reduced tourism and export revenues.

2009 Dominica

According to countryaah, economic issues were expected to be central to the election campaign ahead of the parliamentary elections announced until December 18. The election was won by the ruling Dominica Labor Party (DLP), which got just over 61 percent of the vote against the opposition United Workers' Party (UWP), which got nearly 35 percent. The election result gave DLP 18 of the 21 seats in parliament against 3 seats for the UWP. DLP, among other things, won with the help of a number of promising promises about everything from tax-free building materials and lower fuel prices for fishermen to free school books and zero tolerance against corruption.

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