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Yearbook 2009

Cyprus. Direct negotiations between Cyprus President Dimitris Christofias and his Turkish Cypriot colleague Mehmet Ali Talat continued during the year. During the fall, they both met twice a week for property, EU relations, finance and territorial negotiations. However, a solution seemed distant, especially since the nationalists won the re-election to the Turkish Cypriot Parliament on April 19. The National Unity Party (UBP) received 44 percent of the vote and 26 of 50 seats, an increase of seven seats. The largest party in the outgoing coalition government, the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), received 29 percent and 15 seats, a nine-seat drop. The turnout was 81 percent. According to countryaah, UBP leader Derviş Eroğlu formed a new government.

2009 Cyprus

The European Court of Justice ruled on April 28 that Greek Cypriot Meletis Apostolides was entitled to recover land that his family lost in Northern Cyprus in connection with the Turkish invasion of the area in 1974. Approximately 200,000 Greek Cypriots were estimated to have similar claims, which complicated the negotiations considerably.

The remains of President Tassos Papadopoulos were stolen from his grave in Nicosia the night of December 11. Papadopoulos was president in 2003-08 and died in December 2008. Police took the help of Interpol in the hunt for the perpetrators.

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