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Yearbook 2009

Cuba. According to countryaah, Cuba's former President Fidel Castro, in his often-published "reflections," cautiously welcomed US newly-elected President Barack Obama in January, saying, among other things, that he trusted his honorable intentions. Later in the year, Obama also made a gesture toward Cuba by removing restrictions on exile Cubans in the United States to visit their old homeland and to send money there, measures introduced by the much more aggressive George W. Bush in his Cuban policy.

2009 Cuba

However, in a PM, Obama made it clear that the purpose of his policy is the same as his representative's - to create circumstances that could favor political change in Cuba. Hopes that the almost 50-year-old trade embargo would be lifted were also set aside by Vice President Joe Biden. At the July celebration of the 56th anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks, which is considered the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, anti-American rhetoric was fairly absent in President Raúl Castro's speech.

A major government transformation took place in early March when, among other things, several of Fidel Castro's confidants disappeared, such as the influential Deputy Chairman of the Council of State Carlos Lage and the acknowledged dogmatic Felipe Pérez Roque. Most analysts interpreted the changes as a shift from fidelistas to raulistas, ie. from Fidel's political circle to his brother and current President Rauls.

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