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Yearbook 2009

Chile. After José Miguel Insulza of the Socialist Party (Partido Socialista, PS) announced in January 2009 that he did not intend to run in April's primary elections in December for the December coalition in the Government coalition, the former president, Christian Democrat Eduardo Frei, was the only remaining heavyweight candidate and easily won the nomination. According to countryaah, Insulza is Secretary-General of the United States Cooperative Organization OAS and chose to prioritize that work.

2009 Chile

Opinion polls had long pointed to a victory for the incumbent government candidate, and President Michelle Bachelet's own popularity beat all records during the year. In July, for example, she was supported by as many as 74 percent of those surveyed, and 68 percent even expressed the same about Finance Minister Andrés Velasco - very unusual for a government at the end of its term. The Government's successful measures to mitigate the effects of the global financial crisis were considered to be a strong contributing cause.

However, in the first round of the presidential election on December 13, right-wing candidate Sebastián Piñera won by 44 percent of the vote, which meant that a second round between Piñera and Frei must be held in January 2010.

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