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Central African Republic

Yearbook 2009

Central African Republic. In January 2009, the government was dissolved and Prime Minister Faustin Archange Touadéra was given free hands to appoint a new minister who would be drawn by the unity government. According to countryaah, the intention was to live up to the peace declaration that a number of political parties, rebel forces and social groups have just agreed to put an end to a long-standing conflict in the country's northern parts. However, the new government was disappointing for many. Most ministers kept their missions and former rebel leaders were given only two positions - as environmental and housing ministers, respectively.

2009 Central African Republic

On the whole, however, the peace settlement was held. Minor fighting continued in isolated areas, but more rebel groups joined the agreement. A certain level of security began to emerge in the country, and the public servants began to pay their salaries regularly, which was not done for years.

But when the indigenous groups, on the whole, laid down weapons and up to 10,000 people prepared for re-integration into civil society, the residents of villages in the southern part of the country were instead tormented by the Ugandan rebel movement LRA, the Lord's Resistance Army. The Central African Republic has become a new refuge for the LRA since the group was expelled from Uganda and heavily employed by the armies of southern Sudan and Congo (Kinshasa). But here, too, LRA follows its old methods of looting villages, mutilating civilians and robbing children.

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