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Yearbook 2009

Cameroon. According to countryaah, Pope Benedict XVI visited Cameroon in March during a tour of Africa. He praised the country for the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians, but also said that Cameroon must guard the value and dignity of human life. It was interpreted in its own direction as a cautious criticism of the authorities' violations of human rights. Prior to the pope's arrival, Amnesty International had harshly criticized the state government for routinely resorting to violence to turn down all public protests against the regime.

2009 Cameroon

In June, the government announced that prices for a number of basic commodities would be reduced by up to 25 per cent from mid-year. Of all the judgments, the authorities were anxious to avoid price protests like those in 2008, when a large number of people were killed by police.

In a major government reshuffle in June, President Paul Biya appointed his Deputy Chief of Staff Philémon Yang as Prime Minister but, in accordance with the Constitution, retained his responsibility as Head of Government. Six ministries were abolished and six ministers replaced. The measures were believed to be aimed at curbing criticism of corruption and high food prices. Biya was also presumed to try to strengthen his position before the 2011 presidential election, when, thanks to a constitutional change, he gets the right to run again.

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