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Yearbook 2009

Burundi. A more than two decades-long civil war ended in January when the last remaining Huturebel National Liberation Forces (FNL) announced that they had canceled the armed struggle. In return, the government released 247 imprisoned FNL members. The complicated civil war in Burundi is estimated to have killed some 300,000 people.

2009 Burundi

In April, FNL was registered as a political party and declared its intention to participate in the 2010 parliamentary elections. Before that, the disarmament of the former militia had been initiated under the surveillance of soldiers from the African Union. Under the peace agreement, 3,500 people would be included in the army and the national police, and an additional 5,000 would be paid for 18 months while searching for other jobs.

After lengthy negotiations, Parliament was able to agree on a new election law in September. The members were subjected to severe pressure from the outside world to reach an agreement not to jeopardize the elections in 2010. Other countries' governments account for 80 percent of the costs of the equivalent of about SEK 300 million to conduct the election. The new law provides that all political posts from president to municipal leader must be elected in general elections.

According to countryaah, nine people were sentenced to prison, one by one for life, for the murder of at least twelve albinos. The victims had been mutilated and sold to witch doctors in neighboring Tanzania, where rumors of magical properties of albinos' body parts were widely circulated.

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