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Yearbook 2009

Brazil. In early October, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) appointed Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympic Games. President Lula da Silva had personally put a lot of effort into the campaign, promising an investment program worth $ 14.4 billion to renovate the city during the coming years. Above all, the transport system and safety must be improved.

2009 Brazil

A lot of the joy in choosing Rio for the 2016 Olympics was only a few weeks later brought about by a veritable explosion of violence in one of the town's shanty towns. A total of 16 people were murdered, including two military police when their helicopter was shot down. The violence began with the notorious crime league Comando Vermelho invading the town of Morro dos Macacos and a fire broke out with members of Amigos dos Amigos, who control the district.

According to countryaah, President Lula da Silva was sharply criticized for being unable to do anything about the growing crime rate in both Rio and the rest of the country. Among the public, however, Lula da Silva is still very popular. Opinion polls during the year showed he was supported by over 80 percent of voters, which is most unusual among presidents at the end of his second term.

Brazil ended up in international news when the deposed and deported Honduras president, Manuel Zelaya, returned to his country in late September seeking protection at the Brazilian embassy. For two months, Zelaya used the embassy as a starting point for his political struggle against the coup makers. The Brazilian government, which admittedly early demanded that he be reinstated in his office, was obviously badly affected by being at the center of events in this way.

In July, Senate President Josť Sarney, who was the country's president from 1985–90, was implicated in a corruption scandal that only grew during the year. Sarney should have been at the forefront of a circuit within Congress that has ensured that relatives get well-paid jobs within the state administration. President Lula da Silva was also scandalized by the scandal, as his defense of Sarney was interpreted as an attempt to weaken Josť Serra, his most serious competitor to the post of his successor in the 2010 presidential election, and his party.

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