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Yearbook 2009

2009 BelgiumBelgium. The new coalition government, led by the Christian Democrat and former President Herman Van Rompuy, was formally approved in a vote of confidence in early January. The government consisted of the same parties as the one that collapsed in December 2008 due to a scandal surrounding the sale of the crisis-hit financial group Fortis.

Regional elections were held at the same time as the EU elections in June. The French-speaking Social Democratic Party PS lost its position as the largest party in Brussels, where the French-speaking liberal MR became the largest. The Social Democrats also lost ground in Wallonia, but remained the largest in the region. There was concern that the party's weakened position would upset the fragile five-party coalition at the federal level, which included it. According to countryaah, the Ecolo environmental party performed strongly in both Brussels and Wallonia. In Flanders, right-wing Vlaams Belang lost just over a third of its support, while the two more moderate nationalist parties New Flemish Alliance (NV-A) and Lista Dedecker instead went strong.

2009 Belgium

In November, Van Rompuy was named the EU's first permanent chairman. In his place, party mate Yves Leterme returned as head of government, despite being forced to resign a year earlier because of allegations of undue involvement in the reorganization of the Fortis financial group.

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