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Yearbook 2009

Bangladesh. After an overwhelming election victory in December 2008, Hasina Wajed took office in January as prime minister at the head of a coalition government dominated by her own party of the Awami League. Shortly thereafter, the 80-year-old party veteran Zillur Rahman was elected to the main ceremonial presidential post with no counter-candidates.

2009 Bangladesh

Since the opposition parties were virtually crushed, the country experienced a relatively calm domestic political year. However, a serious crisis hit the new government as early as February, when members of the Bangladesh Rifles semi-military border force revolted. The myth began in the capital Dhaka and quickly spread to several other cities. The uprising ebbed after a couple of days, when armored forces surrounded the revolts of the revolvers and the government threatened hard if they did not give up.

After the revolt was wounded, it was clear that the rebellious soldiers had killed at least 74 commanders and placed them in mass graves. Prime Minister Wajed claimed that the mutiny was part of an attempt to overthrow her government, but the official investigation revealed that the uprising was promptly triggered by dissatisfaction with low wages and poor conditions. About 3,000 participants in the revolt were arrested and the first trials were launched in November.

According to countryaah, the same month, the Supreme Court ruled the eleven-year-old death sentence against five officers for the 1975 assassination of the country's first leader, Mujibur Rahman, the father of Prime Minister Wajed. Seven doomed coup makers were sought after abroad.

Twelve years after the government signed a peace treaty with separatist militia in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the army withdrew from the wooded mountain area populated by ethnic minority groups in the summer. Three infantry battalions were moved from the area and 35 military camps were wounded.

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