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Yearbook 2009

Bahamas. The economic crisis that affected almost the whole world during the year hit the Bahamas very hard. The main reason for this was that tourists from the United States were fewer than they had been in previous years. The Bahamas is very dependent on tourism; Usually many holidaymakers come from the crisis-hit US during the year. The Bahamas is only 8 miles from North America. The deteriorating economy caused the attitude of the Bahamas to harden to the approximately 80,000 Haitians who have entered the considerably richer Bahamas; the demands for stricter immigration laws increased among the population.

2009 Bahamas

According to countryaah, the country's justice minister and prosecutor, Michael Barnett, was forced in August to leave his ministerial post after being met by criticism from MPs who considered his dual roles to risk politicizing the judiciary. Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette temporarily assumed the post of Minister of Justice.

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