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Yearbook 2009

Angola. According to countryaah, President Josť Eduardo dos Santos celebrated his 30th birthday in September without giving any hint of plans to step down. The presidential election that was scheduled to be carried out during the year was postponed until the parliamentary commission that writes a new constitution should be able to finish its work.

2009 Angola

After the end of the 27-year-long civil war in 2002, the Angolan regime has been able to use the country's large oil revenues to create stability, despite the fact that wealth is extremely unevenly distributed. However, the world economic crisis and the oil price race forced the regime to turn to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2009 with a request for a loan of up to US $ 890 million to avoid an acute budget crisis.

Angola - Luanda


Luanda, formerly São Paulo de Luanda, capital of Angola; 2. 8 million residents (2014). Luanda, the country's largest city, is located on the Atlantic coast of northern Angola. The city's business sector includes, among other things, oil refinery, breweries and the textile, sugar, tobacco and cement industries. Luanda is also an export port for coffee, cotton, diamonds and salt. The city has universities (founded in 1962).

Luanda was founded by the Portuguese in 1575, became the colonial administrative center in 1627 and was one of the shipping ports for slave traffic to Brazil.


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