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Yearbook 2009

Algeria. President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was re-elected on April 9 for a third five-year term in office. Bouteflika, supported by the country's two largest parties, received 90.2 percent of the vote, while the closest challenger Louisa Hanoune from the Labor Party (PT) received 4.2 percent. According to countryaah, a number of opposition parties refused to stand with any candidate in protest of the constitutional change which in November 2008 had allowed Bouteflika to be re-elected.

In February and May, occasional violence was reported between the government side and the armed Islamist group al-Qaeda's organization in the Islamic Maghreb. In the worst deed, February 22, nine security guards working at a gas installation in the Kabylia region east of the capital Algiers were killed. In mid-October, police launched tear gas and water cannons against residents in the slum area of ​​Diar Echams in Algiers who protested against the difficult housing conditions and demanded access to the city's housing services. Many in the area were so crowded that they had to sleep in shifts.

A war of words sparked between Algeria and Egypt in connection with the World Cup qualifier in football in November. The countries accused each other of inciting violence in connection with the matches and Egypt called its ambassador from Algeria. It was Algeria that finally went on to the Soccer World Cup in South Africa 2010. Weekly leave in the country was moved in August from Thursday - Friday to Friday - Saturday. The change was an adaptation to the routines prevailing in neighboring countries.

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