With The Arrival of The Heat, Do We Encourage with a Visor?

New trends they appear every day. A few more risky that means others and not why we go to dazzle. Today for example, I show you one of those that I know to Science certain that 90% of the readers It is to hate. But nonetheless we must set it aside… or Yes? I am speaking of visors, This kind of hat that just protects us from the Sun on the face but leaving the head exposed to its rays.

Everything is back and already took us to see this type of accessory. As it could not be otherwise, the bloggers try us sell as they use them, but the truth is that they lead them only for Photo and little else. Even so, there are several firms that have signed up this fashion and present us with their version. ¿You will fall in the temptation?

  • Hat type neoprene visor’s ASOs, 14.08 euro.
  • Straw visor’s ASOs, 14.08 euro.
  • Hawaiian print of River Island, 13 euros.
  • Padded visor’s Seafolly, EUR 25,35.
  • Patterned visor’s ASOs, 10,56 EUR.

Photos | Gary Pepper

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