Who Here? Penelope Cruz on The Cover of The Edit (NET – Porterr)

Perhaps our country is not going through a good moment, but in matters of sports and society abroad we petamos it. Our athletes are the most best in the whole world, and our celebrities succeed with everything you make and are praised by thousands of fans. And among them we find to Penelope Cruz, one day tried his luck in US market and all were delighted. And that we see it projected in works such as the following: be the new cover of the online magazine of NET – Porter, The Edit.

And it is there where provides life lessons, love and lingerie. OLE you, because in the US I don’t know what happens to the famous but they talk about talking to the press and everything translates to interviews like this. What’s the cover? The Spanish looks a White draped dress and cleavage heart that favors him much, and some Earrings in XXL you make suffer (by weight more than anything).

It is beautiful, and awhile, and that do not like me I know what that brings lately very of the ‘ 90s. Is it the hair? Do you think the? final result?