What Is the Fabric Sharkskin Used in Tailoring

There are two types of fabric known as sharkskin: one of them is synthetic, very used costumes for swimming, the features of which have as objective to improve the performance of athletes in the water; the other is our focus in this article because it is popular in the making of suits and customs, and every day awakens more attention from men, although it is still rare in Brazil in comparison to poliviscose and wool cold, for example.

What Is the Fabric Sharkskin Used in Tailoring

Composition of the fabric sharkskin

Unlike its namesake sport, the sharkskin directed to tailoring is done with natural fibers, usually the merino wool, very common in men’s suits, mohair, a yarn from Goat, Angora, and silk. The junction of these fibres is what gives the sharkskin shine and the ability to knead very little.

In the 50’s and 60’s fabrics sharkskin produced in small quantities in South America, more precisely in Peru and in Argentina, included small percentages of vicuna, guanaco or alpaca, which gave an appearance of differentiated and increased considerably its price. This is to show that this material does not have an exact formula, and can be refined according to the discovery of new technologies and fibers.

With the peak in decade of 60, the tissue type “shark skin” has undergone a low in the following years, but did draw attention recently in the costumes for the groom (which I’m not a big fan) and in versions more discrete, using fibers that will make your look more natural and elegant.

There are some blends of artificial fibres (acetate + rayon, for example) also called sharkskin, and in some cases more extravagant, but are a copy, less sophisticated and probably more hot, so find a suit or costume with this indication, check the composition of the raw material on the label or enquire with the seller.

Another striking feature sharkskin, in addition to its light texture and soft, is in the plot of two shades, because they are used two strands of different colors in the time to produce it, being the most dark, twisted diagonally.

How to use suits and costumes made of fabric sharkskin

The costumes of tissue with higher brightness are more suitable for formal occasions and celebrations important, preferably overnight. This is not the type of suit that you buy to go to work or you are going to use at a wedding in the field in the morning.

The costumes with fabric more opaque can be used during the day and if they are discrete enough (compare with the wool cold joint) are released to the professional environment or a feast day.

Note: soon we’ll talk about the shops that work with costumes made with fabric sharkskin