What Do They Think 6 Leti Fashion Bloggers?

Today Letizia Ortiz becomes the new Queen of fashion. The day of the coronation of Felipe VI we wanted to ask to six fashion bloggers very dear in Jezebel by the style of the new Queen of Spain. Six visions with his philias and phobias as usual in everything that surrounds Letizia Ortiz. If your outfits can sin of conservatism, the receipt is just the opposite.

If you had to make a film about the style and life of Leticia Ortiz how would be called?

Devil Wears Zara (@Carmeron): your style no doubt boils down to “The favorite of the Queen”, in this case, Felipe Varela, that designer he touched something better than the EuroMillions when Leticia became its head Designer, not to say almost in exclusive.

His life: “enchanted. The story of Giselle Letizia”. Enchanted known, Enchanted Princess, and enchanted have enhanced his image in the last ten years.

Di by Dior (@DiPorDior): Princess by surprise.

“The occasions where I’ve seen it most favored Letizia Ortiz was in acts had maiden as the loss of hand that Armani suit.” I gave Dior

Total free (@GTFashiondiary): for great titles there is always to pull Woody Allen: “what you always wanted to know about Letizia and did not dare to ask”.

LAIA Cenea (@LaiaCenea): I guess that you would be called prêt-à-porter. It would be languidecida and deslavazada of the Robert Altman film version.

Lucio Chine (@LucioChine): there’s a Lana Turner film dealing with an aspiring actress who has a daughter and a black maid with a mulatto daughter who does not want to be mulatto and hidden all the time his condition and the poor ends fatal. I think that he would call her imitation life.

3 occasions that Letizia Ortiz surprised you

Devil Wears Zara: without a doubt, in his first appearance in the Royal circle, with the famous red suit from Caprile; at the wedding of Nicolás of Greece, with Varela indigo blue dress; and at the Premios Principe de Asturias 2010, with a short, Varela, and hair collected black dress.

I gave Dior: For my taste, the occasions where I’ve seen it most-favoured was in acts had maiden as the hand that Armani suit or the red dress for the wedding of Frederick and Mary of Denmark secured. Now I like especially when you wear flat shoes.

Fashionpedists (@Fashionpedists): as everybody, the Red Caprile which took in its first wedding next to Felipe, black long dress with neckline lace of Felipe Varela and I would say that what surprised me most was the time that I saw her with that Mango’s ‘last night a blogger saved my life’ t-shirt.

Free Total: I’ve only liked once, the day of his proposal of marriage. It was radiant in white, with that perfectly cut suit, and a shiny coat and the color that best fits. Starting from there fell sharply.

LAIA Cenea: Eye because Letizia surprised usually it is when you shit it. I was surprised, like everyone, this time the black leggings and Red stilettos, for worse. For phenomenal when it chose that satin black APE, this time Yes, suitable, not like when he opted for that other monkey word of honor in aquamarine if I remember correctly, for an official dinner. Even though it was the middle of August and were in Mallorca.

It is too inconsistent and little harmonic, and gives me the feeling that by choice. From that red Caprile all he was trying to go unnoticed, I think she was overwhelmed with so much praise for a simple dress and was his turning point. Letizia is not interested in the compliments that have to do with what is wearing.

“I think she was overwhelmed with so much praise for a simple dress [Red Caprile] and was his turning point.” LAIA Cenea

Lucio Chine: I think that surprised everyone with the red dress from Caprile. Then it has always surprised me for evil. Your wedding day Pertegaz seemed that had packed it within him and at a ceremony of the Principe de Asturias Awards qu was wearing beige which seemed that it was fatal.

What are the 3 mistakes of Leti style?

Devil Wears Zara: its main style error I think is, in addition to the abuse of Felipe Varela (if outside Chanel look, but…) mainly the lack of defined style. NI in clothes, styling or make-up.

Only have to think of Kate Middleton, with much less traveled that Letizia, to be aware that we have a clear idea of his style, or even in the Reina Sofia, which although always (or at least since I have reason) has quite passed trends, also has a clear (just think of this hairstyle which accompanies it with over the years). The funny thing is that it began well, with the famous pantsuit with Letizia neck that soon took to be shot by Zara & cia, but finished diluted to stay in nothing.

“His main error of style is the lack of defined style,” Devil Wears Zara

I gave Dior: Felipe Varela. Having adopted the concept of elegance that dominates in the Madrid pijerío. His fondness for the scalpel

Fashionpedists: I think that it risks not too at almost any time. It is always correct, but neither spectacular nor made a horror. So perhaps I remember any dream error and, at the same time, that’s the main mistake that I find you.

Free Total: Lack of naturalness. Too short skirts. Abuse of the lace.

LAIA Cenea: Their weaknesses would be so flat, monotonous and irrelevant in most of their choices. Confuses being discreet and go always appropriate with dressing tamely.

“Spanish fashion expected much of Letizia, but I think that she is going to give some.” Fashionpedists

It can be correct without being so disciplined. It shows a lot, and is what conveys, that not interested in at all being no style icon. Be beautiful and favoured, Yes, clear, get out, do well in the photos and fulfill his role as Princess and now Queen Consort, also in this respect, because it is part of the role. But in general fashion and trends in particular called attention right.

Lucio Chine: for my contention, that is his biggest mistake. I like not to take so silhouetted dresses without a coat or a Cardigan to cover the back. Then there is the issue of shoes and bags. I think that she is very severe with itself, and it shows in their way of dressing.

What awaits the Spanish fashion of his Queen?

Devil Wears Zara: perhaps a Queen that is set in the Spanish fashion, something that it has not happened with the Reina Sofia (that have already said that its strong is not fashion), but the auguries are not very encouraging if we look at his stage as Princess, which has not been lavished far beyond Felipe Varela a bit of Caprile and Pertegaz wedding dress.

I gave Dior: The other day in the national fashion Awards said that “fashion is a form of expression and a hallmark” so bearing in mind that happens enough partners to ACME I think that the message is quite clear.

Fashionpedists: Expected much, but I think that it will give little. It will be faithful to Felipe Varela, Caprile and large-scale distribution.

Total free: Because it’s always to lift the sector. And this not the army raised it in a national uprising…

“I think that she is very severe with itself, and it shows in their way of dressing.” Lucio Chine

LAIA Cenea: In my opinion, too. And there I’m going to stop. Spain has never been a country with fashion culture (say by the indignation of the people of nowhere) and Yes, at times as the running would be well carry flag as Kate Middleton does with English firms or other flat Michelle Obama with American brands, Spanish designers (Josep Font, of course, to give a good account of that Delpozo doing it out). But let’s see, no to those who want to sign up to the truck because Yes and for what, if often are talking about names without a solid structure of business back.

Lucio Chine: the Infanta Elena, English teacher, was going to Cibeles some parade of Angel Scheleser or Javier Larrainzar sitting and while they took him pictures she put on the lap a Chanel 2.55, I think bag used in plan missile shield or blanket elven of invisibility, but Cuca always got to find it.

It is that I think that they do not expect anything. Here luck Felipe Varela and Caprile, had her very first. I think it will always dress designers with name but not have twenty stores scattered throughout the country. Then there is mango, which is inexplicable in my view. I am very suspicious of people who buy into handle, make me doubt the existence of God, the Virgin Mary and the Christ child.

What it awaits Inditex to Letizia Ortiz as woman Zara Pictures?

Devil Wears Zara: because don’t see you many possibilities, unless they take a capsule of Varela collection… In addition, if there is something that has been positioned Letizia is becoming much more pro-Mango than pro-Zara, on several occasions wearing designs of the Catalan brand,

I gave Dior: Taylor Tomasi is too much competition. What changed for the worse.

Fashionpedists: I guess that that the Royal House allows. Well, Amancio never pulls the obvious. It is enough publicity that the future Queen go by there dressed in Zara. If not is has advantage of pull media from Middleton, will not of Letizia

Free Total: Hahahahahaha… prefer to the Tomasi!

LAIA Cenea: To open an account of Instagram, it is clear.

“If she would go to Arteixo who chose me the outfits, there if that was going to petar”. Lucio Chine

Lucio Chine: Inditex is not interested in the Princess. If it were truly ready I would support in the Zara stylists to succeed without having to melt thousands of euros in rags. Lady Di was in secret to the English Vogue to advise it on the dress. Note that in Arteixo is a generation of Spanish designers working for one of the companies most successful in the world. I if she would go to Coruña that chose me the outfits, there if that was going to petal.

Sofía to be learned Leti lets you legacy?

Devil Wears Zara: stylistically not too, though in the concept: create your own style and be totally faithful with the passage of the years.

I gave Dior: Retrieve the hobby that was by Valentino gala dresses.

Fashionpedists: I think that Sofia gave him the best legacy when it asked that it sought a Couturier’s header. And I think that Letizia learned of Sofia which is better that you though sober long term that’s glamorous.

Total free: To have a defined style, especially on the big occasions, where there to ignore trends and look regia.

LAIA Cenea: I think that Letizia has always had as a role model to the Queen and probably figure within the Royal family that most admires and respects.

Lucio Chine: ask if the Princess is ready for her own wardrobe, the Valentino of the Queen of these forty years. Sofía has one of the best collections of V.Garavani. I if she would of jewels and I would focus on dresses. The Queen married dressed in Jean Dessés, who was a great designer of the 40’s to the 70’s. Kate Moss has a dress him yellow draped which in turn fusiló to a collection for TopShop.

The Princess also has to find your ultimate hairstyle. As well as the permanent smile of the Queen, with the exception of funerals, you should find an immutable style in time and in space that would be their “House brand” Irene of Greece has the line to the medio-mono bass, and the Queen this so voluminous that only she and Fabiola of Belgium know carry with dignity.

In which women of royalty of the past should be fix Leti and why?

Devil Wears Zara: If we stick to the fashion world, perhaps the best example is Gales Diana, always close to this world frivolous while cultivating his supportive side (although it had its ration of marketing).

I gave Dior: In Antoinette and do the opposite.

Fashionpedists: I was very fan of all promotion of English fashion who knew how to make Lady Di and, above all, how he knew to make it yours. But I think that they are very different personalities.

Total free: Nowhere: she is plebeian and must strive to match, no more.

LAIA Cenea: I think that Letizia is not woman’s look at anyone, and of the past, I do not know, I do not think that it take much sight back for this sort of thing.

Lucio Chine: undoubtedly Margarita of Denmark which is a Queen of truth, to smoke, have very bad milk and even if he does, has the face of can order with a look that cut the head to one of their real waiters because you has brought the wishky without ice. Mogollon I like your style Reina-cronicas of Narnia. My Rania of Jordan or Mery Donaldson or Maxima of Holland I a downturn as women, it always seems that they are good in all situations, I like more Mette Mari, who has painted know defend herself.

And in which women of the present Leti should be?

Devil Wears Zara: in Queens and princesses who have been able to create his own label. Middleton, maximum seal seal… Avoid excess of Rania, that is not the country to pull Haute Couture to the minimum; is that even if we think of Isabella II in England, which is the antitendencia, we can easily define what’s your style.

I gave Dior: In Michelle Obama. I wish I could see her doing something like:

Fashionpedists: uff it does not have clear… where in the past I saw Lady Di, the Union moda-poder of the present see Michelle Obama.

Total free: In the other Queens which still plebeyas like them have managed to find their style and above all, falling to his people: Maxima of Holland should be your model.

“It shows a lot, and is what conveys, that not interested in at all being no style icon”. LAIA Cenea

LAIA Cenea: The same applies. I’m not that thinks that it has to be more Kate Middleton or more Rania of Jordan. Old news. I think as much as we endeavor and want that surprised and tipping with home fashion and transmit and take advantage of the privilegiadisimo physicist who has to wear rags, is not in his personality or his list of priorities. To me if I were asked for a dream job, it would be to dress her, because sometimes I have the feeling that starting from the point that her fashion never has removed him nothing, feels instrumentalized whenever he gets something and does not want to get into that game. Which honestly seems logical to me. At the moment runs by affinities and committed to what with what feels comfortable, but I’m sure if he could connect with fashion to another level, to live it in a completely different way.

Lucio Chine: must be fixed much in all those coming out to the best dressed list to make diametrically opposed to them. I think that it should not be fixed at no one, I think that he has to find his own stylistic speech that like some and dislike others, but which do not leave anyone indifferent.

Also has low cost come to royalty with Princesses and Queens outside their circles?

Devil Wears Zara: is another aspect that Letizia has not been able to exploit, with the powerful at the international level that are of low cost Spanish firms In this skill the Queen is undoubtedly Kate Middleton, who every so often is dropped with a dress one of these strings (either British or Spanish, as happened to Zara) which in addition to get a sold out in a matter of minutes, bring closer the majority of society than if you have access to these brands.

I gave Dior: Low cost is more than clothes. It is a way of eating. And no one royalty, escapes to something so.

Fashionpedists: Of course that it has come. Is a powerful weapon of communication wear a shirt of twenty euros which is falling

Free Total: Totally! all could have been Letizia Ortiz, she linked with Philip because he was at the right time and in the right place, no more.

LAIA Cenea: We must remember that Letizia before Queen was currant, and it is not that it has suddenly discovered low cost, we brought it because from series. It is not the same as Victoria of Sweden bet clothing from H & M, that Letizia get a handle or Zara dress. That implies is very different. Letizia has surely wearing Zara and Mango since he was a teenager and not even think it is a studied gesture, is simply custom.

Lucio Chine: Spain is low cost, perhaps invented by a Spanish company, the most profitable, and have exported it to the world. We have jobs, low cost, low cost, a suuuper low cost tv… Anyway, I do not think that the Princess is, I think that it is a person with feet on the ground who knows perfectly the country in which you live, with their virtues and their misery because she’s been situations as any citizen. Which has no idea of where it lives is the Prince of Asturias, who has not left his palace in his life. There she can make a wonderful paper.

What is the importance or what transmits style (his image, dress etc) in someone like Leti?

Devil Wears Zara: only have to type “outfits Letizia” on Google to realize the attention that the media provide to each occurrence of the Princess (now Queen) in any act or event, either public his private. As I said above, the image is fundamental in a merely representative role, not to mention the importance of transmitting elegance and sophistication to proximity, dazzle at the precise moments and so simple that require it.

On the other hand, in the more purely commercial section, we already know that everything you touch the royalty becomes gold, and this fixation by Varela and handle exclusively at low cost is not fair for the rest of the designers and brands.

“Letizia to much you do. But let’s not forget that consort, the important thing in all is a Queen this is Felipe”. Total free

I gave Dior: There are hundreds of thousands of pages written about the semiotics of clothes, but in people like her, in which their acts and speeches are so constrained by the Protocol clothes can be a little freedom, small space because there is also a large formal corset. But in your particular case, I see a much greater severity. He judged up to the types of Wicks which carries and is criticized for everything absolutely and I do not think that it dares to break any rule. The few times it has tried to get out of the script have rained you sticks and criticism.

Fashionpedists: I guess it conveys the image of a foreign country. I’ve never understood very well the fascination with the style of Princesses and Queens, because they tend not to dress for the same social circumstances as the rest of us… but I think that Letizia since it announced the coronation is getting good reviews were. All put it of fashion icon. I don’t think to much, but I guess that something will be.

Total free: You must transmit serenity, confidence, elegance, be a reference. He has much to do. But let’s not forget that consort, the important thing in all is a Queen this is Felipe.

LAIA Cenea: I’m still with the speech before. For someone that fashion plim, transmitting Letizia with their choices, is more than enough. For those who are dedicated to this or those who have a sensitivity of fashion, slat is always higher. But go, I think that within the obligations of Letizia is not having a style own but conform to the Protocol.

Lucio Chine: find it Me very funny that this point of century is the implementations only by how van dressed and how fast you recover from childbirth or for aesthetic reasons. Lady Di was a tacky bowling alley, and was until the day that he died, and it got the entire planet backyard on mines antipersonnel, I still go down the street with feet of lead thanks to Diana Spencer.

I think all the Princesses and future Queens, such as silent characters, the only thing remaining is being stylish and appropriate everywhere and keep his composure. I think that that will only be achieved with a good stylist, and I do not speak of Rachel Zoe or from Josie, talk about one of the real, as the of Catherine the great.

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