Water Celebrities! Ideas for a Fashion Bath of Film by Jaime King

Who lives in a city with mar does not know what it is for those who do not, the beach and the sea. Always say me the same thing: we have it on the side, do not give importance. For the urbanites sea is freedom, rest, relaxation and scuba diving. And for the fashionistas, one place where displayed.

I love Jaime King, rather Leemon Breeland. It was to see Hart of Dixie and engage me, but for her. When it is not, the episode is always more boring and less style. Your every day has nothing to do with that caramel and sweet southern touch with colors cakes and flowers everywhere. And on the beach?

Because it is clear that it is in favor of the bathing suits, and will not be because you want to hide the traces of her recent pregnancy. You have them in thousands of colors and patterns, but always with an original touch and very arty.

I don’t know with that great guy, although not a couple of kilos would come you bad more, I don’t know if I would give for bathing suits, but I like yours. They are ethnic, as created by an artist of the brush and with color. Feel you like a glove and are not pretentious, like those trikinis that are good for nothing, so Kardashian them.

Jaime King in Jezebel

Bellezones series matchup: Jaime King or January Jones