#Vcfashiontour – 4 Icons On Travel Wins The Case Worth £ 10,000

During fashion week in just perfectly placed over my alarm sound every now and then like an excited scream of joy, more than once i was anyway within a few seconds straight next to the bed, and: before a case, which not only tasty and quite after a touch luxury looked like, but actually had devoured it worth around £ 10,000 and is still having. Since I’m getting dizzy. Packed with four icons of the history of fashion, allowing not only my own heart beat faster when coco once, chanel revolutionized the image of women, is this drool of the giers-generating luggage just in part vestiaire collective #vcfashiontour on big journey initiated destinations of the globe across through the main fashion week, sometime maybe in one of our readers to become sedentary. But more on that later.

Berlin, you bead, something you’ve seen sure rarely, just like me. My mission, you could already follow via instagram, couldn’t have thus hardly beautiful (to see): it was necessary to prove that classics have never served, that they certainly dull and above all, always and everywhere portable are the opposite use of the own wardrobe. Blogger colleagues such as patricia mainfiled, caroline vreeland and lucy williams will do right’s me during the upcoming fashion week in stockholm, copenhagen, new york, london and milan, said not only icons, but also the style of their respective homes in the world to carry – one piece fabric to different bodies and minds said different look than it would perhaps take , i am so even a bit curious what kind of outfit creations we may marvel at #vcfashiontour from now on and peu à peu under the hashtag. Ends is the journey of the case finally in the home of vestiaire collective, namely paris.


Here in berlin it looked like:

Four days in a row i first the “kelly bag named after grace kelly” by hermes was allowed to run, it followed ‘le smoking tuxedo”of saint laurent, who took care for the first time in 1966 for snap breathing, a trench from burberry was also ready, as well as the possibly the best piece of fabric of the parisians, the breton shirt by chanel, since his presence on the cover of french vogue in 1932 serial raises desire.

All this can soon but already yours, you need to just write you the following date behind the ears: the packed suitcase and its contents at vestiaire collective will be drawn from the 11 2016 – all information are also scattered on the corresponding instagram channel @vestiaireco. The thumbs are down, but now it is called for the first time: voyage voyage,!

– in friendly cooperation with vestiaire collective –