Two Spanish Covers Almost Identical! a Gucci CAP Is at Fault

But if this month share cover Telva and Elle! This was the first thing I thought when I went to the kiosk, obviously the only thought lasted me a few seconds until I realized that it was completely impossible. A cap of Gucci driver cab Blue style to blame, occupies the front pages of two of the most famous fashion magazines in our country. Is it just coincidence?

There to be bad luck to choose the same add to the competition for a fashion editorial, but you must be the worst fate of all to choose a practically equal cover between the thousand photos that are made in a session. A close-up of two gorgeous models with a leather cap of Gucci which are priced at €475, two almost equal covers that make the less confuse the public.

I am unaware if print media introduce advertising also in publishers and in the own covers items but the truth is that I can’t stop thinking about this, because it seems impossible to match in this way so scandalous. Not be Yes Gucci (advertiser in both journals) will have wanted to deal with possible covers maxims and therefore will have invested in advertising, but on the other hand, I think that it could have done in different accessories. Is it pure coincidence and similarity of styles between the two directors)Olga Ruiz telva and Benedetta Poletti of Elle) or you think that advertising fills the most important headers?

Photos | Telva and Elle

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