This Year For The Last Time: The Jagermeister Tavern Tour With ”Whomadewho” And “The Teenagers”

Actually I never drink alcohol, and no, it’s really not stupid phrase. Well, “never” is also lying, getting caught. If  me that so to think of, then I suppose but sometimes even a glass of wine from my posh roommates, the cheaper, the better. Whatever the case, let’s just say: I don’t often drink. Tu’s but but then needs not much and I dance on the tables, if there were any. That’s why I don’t know, whether I should cry or laugh, I should think past Jagermeister Tavern tour of the. There were – care! – Jagermeister, good people and blatant music: Skrillex has peppered me the brain from the head with his bass and catapulted my heart in the sky – the beginning of a great love, Yes.

Lots of proof photos, a cold shower, potatoes with Herb Quark at half past five in the morning. There can be no better and therefore I opt for the time being for the wines. Or yet? And there’s also the hope spark that makes me wuschig completely if I think on the 26th November.

There goes the boozy tour which for the time being in the final round in a very special: this time gets no simple Tavern, but a 1300 metre high mountain together with snow, the Drehmoser (a promising hut and venue of the crazy binge), as well as WhoMadeWho and the teenager, ihreszeichens disco heroes and synthpop miracle. I look forward so as punch, especially on the rest of the squad and if it hangs around somewhere nearby Garmisch-Partenkirchen, about of course great too if you can somehow purely in the cosy wooden houses. To do this you need: or here: visit our site.


Plates on the counter: Episode 4 (Special) from Jagermeister Inn tour on Vimeo.

My highlight for the last time:

Skrillex live at Jagermeister Tavern tour Hamburg from Jagermeister Inn tour on Vimeo.