The Most Fetishistic Side of Madonna Comes out on The Cover of Interview

I venture to say that Madonna is one of the best preserved women of the star system, which perhaps only gets done shadow Jane Fonda, but there there is one step to make us believe having twenty-odd. The Magazine Interview It has not only brought the more erotic side of the singer, If that has not tried to slip it with a too retouched cover by our dear friend Photoshop.

Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, this series of three covers belonging to The art issue of Interview magazine they contain a high dose of eroticism, although for eroticism of the Publishing House that happens to them, a series of photographs in which the singer poses both in topless as in suggestive lingerie sets.

The likes of Miley Cyrus provocative follow his footsteps closely, although Queen and Lady of the provocation There is only one and responds to the name of Madonna.

What have not been clear is if this appearance and the consequent viralization of photographs in the networks, has been the result of a good marketing campaign the singer (remember that on the horizon it looms the) new album by Madonna), or a hit on the table to make it clear that the pop diva is still surfing the wave, although you are not riding at all times.

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