The Klan Kardashian-Jenner Has a New Member: Caitlyn

Family Kardashian-Jenner now nothing surprises us. A quirky family, with much controversy to her around and live attached to thousands of paparazzi. The last news? No, it’s Kim Kardashian pregnant already It has passed into the background (how it be taken?). And is the undisputed star of today is Caitlyn, the new Member to family.

A few months ago was speculated that Bruce Jenner, father of Kendall and Kylie, wanted to change sex, and finally proved to the world its new I with a cover in Vanity Fair. To be fair it’s cover, supplanting the Vogue of the Kimye or the multiple covers of Kendall in Love Magazine.

If it does, it is big. The philosophy of the family is present in this home named after Call me Caitlyn that did burn social networks. Annie Leibovitz It is responsible for being behind the goal where Caitlyn poses beautifully.

It seems that he is finally free.