So Ve Press Foreign Fashion to Our Reina Letizia

Letizia Ortiz step from being the host of the news on the national chain to Princess. A princess who over the years has become Queen, and from the moment that wore that suit of white signed by Armani has become the center of many looks, as well as fellow of the European royal houses. In Spain we know very well what they say about it but would say the foreign press about the? Queen Letizia?

Elle Australia

“One of the monarchs best dressed of the planet (followed by our Mary, clear)”. This is what says the publication Elle Australia, also stands out as our Queen perfectly combines garments of other low-cost stores clothing luxury, most of the latter’s signature “Made in Spain”


The web Popsugar It is one of the means more interest on Doña Letizia. This article emphasizes that despite two years have passed since it premiered this color dress black Hugo Boss remains his favorite and he continues to use it in numerous acts.

This same media says that Letizia It has come to the panorama of European monarchies prepared to demonstrate that in a matter of fashion she break with the traditions of the old school Queens.

Vogue USA

“The Queen Letizia shines with a red dress” affirms the prestigious publication Vogue USA. Is not usually echoes all instances but does not hesitate to publish style duels between Doña Letizia and the other Queens and princesses of the world.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair It publishes each year the list of the best dressed and Doña Letizia always seems to appear in it. In this case it appears in the list of 2015 and highlights a Uterqüe skirt styling.

The Daily Telegraph

This was one of the most commented covers in our country of the well-known newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Doña Letizia met 40 years and gave all the media a few snapshots that had taken place in Palace. These images were surprised the whole world coming to say that it was the most spectacular Princess of all.


The day of the coronation became front page of all the national and international media. Almost all of them highlighting the fact that the Prince Felipe to become King but a large number of these also stressed the impeccable look that our Queen chose for the occasion, signed as almost always by Felipe Varela.