Sara Carbonero Boasts of Pregnancy on The New Cover of Elle and Premiere Fashion Blog!

Dot is Sara Carbonero being a new MOM and the Elle Magazine He is responsible for showing the guaperrima that is in your new number. A home where we see their advanced state of pregnancy, but also shows us that the pregnant woman’s body is the most sexy thing. I’ve never been pregnant, but I hope that one day if I decide to have small fashion victims, may look like it: with normal clothing, marking figure and without having to resort to layers and layers of fabric to hide the defects.

And is that what we are going to deceive, the presenter may like more or less, falling into grace or not, but it is undeniable to say it great and divine that is in the images.

It points to the fashion blogger

And again we have another girl pointing to the fashion of open and write your own blog under the name when no one sees me (very Alejandro Sanz in other words). At the top of that page, Sara has not hesitated to use one of the images of the shotting to frame your page. Although I have no doubt that should receive thousands of hits a day, have already rained criticism to the copy and paste text from Wikipedia talking about a perfume chanel. bad for her, as it is one of the basic rules that you taught in the Faculty of journalism and, although it could be understood that talking about technicalities of a perfume is best to remove them from an official site, it is change a little bit the information and dress it in your own words.

But as we are not nobody to judge of others, We can only see these images that are monerrimas. What you think about the end result? Do you like the outfits?