Recap from Last Night: Joy Denalane X Liebeskind Berlin

That a musician and a bag label make common cause, may be nothing out of the ordinary and is likely not too strongly now also hit most of you from the stool. If Germany’s most successful soul Queen joy Denalane but enters into a liaison with the accessory label from Berlin, we listen up very well once. A high-quality, limited edition bag collection emerged from its creative friendship now – and that their loved ones can be quite: the charity bag “joy”. The singer could unfold freely creative together with the designers of Liebeskind Berlin and presented three different carrier fixed in leather two different shades of Brown us yesterday evening in a relaxed atmosphere and black.

But this was of course not everything: the beautiful joy was of course together with keyboardist on stage and hit not only us, but also the other 118 guests in the small, dipped completely in red light Studio in Berlin-Mitte. A volume of voices that cannot describe in words, a presence which makes everyone sit up and a so warm aura that should enchant all yesterday evening just. Hach joy, we are still down and away and giant fans.

Back to the occasion: the Taschenkoop is there to buy in January and who knows joy, knows that even a social added value behind it gets stuck:

And Yes, with the purchase of a BAG of JOY to do what good actually. About 40 euro from each sold pocket, the Club forward project Pfefferminzgreen, which want to build with the money of youth facilities in Ethiopia. 5000 copies are available at the beginning of the year for sale and you should decide to purchase you then shoo shoo – and with a little luck, even the new album waiting for “Maureen” on you, which is hidden away in every fifth BAG of JOY.

We have you a few photos of course brought, really make this once with you to share beautiful. Berlin-team and of course the magical joy Denalane for this great evening thanks to the love child.

PS: the Max was there.

Photos: Nike van Dinther

Love thanks also to Vreni, Teresa, Schlotti, Kiki, Maria, Dustin, Jan, Anna and the loved ones of K-mb for the beautiful evening!