Miley Cyrus Back Again, or Is V Magazine Who Bundled It Brown?

V Magazine, the provocative magazine who likes generating controversy and scandals with their stories, will give to speak in their number for fall 2014. The reason? Its cover, where Miley Cyrus appears in it. And we know that if we named the singer, nothing normal will be there. Which doll’s stuffed inside a machine, It seems that the former Hannah Montana is the jackpot.

Sheathed with a customized turquoise plush body (signed by Fendi) game with the shark that poses beside her, that was the darling of Disney continues showing their defiance. But hey, while do not damage anyone, forward. And the truth is that the cover itself has its what Miley posing in front of the objective of Karl Lagerfeld (who if not?) on a bed of dolls of fair.

It is not the first time that header and singer joined for a cover, in the summer of 2013 because we saw it in three different covers. What do you think of this new union?

Miley Cyrus in Jezebel

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