Latest Backpack Trends

Last Lydia has DEN bag trend in 2016 Bucket Bags reported. Today is about my current favorite trend in bags, because: A new bag is needed! But not only look good they need. No, they also should of course be still large enough – so everything you just so good, long day away need, also finds a place in it. However, it should again not be too great, because as a backpacker you would also not running around all day. A good intermediate size so…. In addition, they should also be practical. The best they should be even invented practically new. To then shoot the bird, can be the piece contribute not only as a simple bag, but also as a backpack to be really to every occasion…

Retro Style Backpacks

Either you sit now at home and thinks you how you could so produce a bag quickly and efficiently, or you know eh already what I’m talking Jap, away from the most vintage backpack bags.

Unbeatable course is the Cara Delevingnes collection for Mulberry. The great model has thereby created a bag that is stylish and practical and it-piece simultaneously. Too bad, unfortunately, that does not quite fit into my budget.

Since I generally like it more casual, I decided for a simpler part to look for me. Said and done. My choice was a gray blue simple retro backpacks of Internetages.

Fjallraven developed his idea at the tender age of 14. Meanwhile the practical and robust backpack has become an absolute trend piece. Not only, therefore, I have now decided zuzulegen such a specimen. Because besides the wedding of my friend reminds me not a single occasion on which would be the case probably not sustainable. Since then I have the bag, I wear hardly another. Because especially if one enjoys cycling, it is simply the best.