Kim Kardashian Goes Nude for Paper (And Photoshop)

At this point we would be a little naive if we wait correction and samples of style by Kim Kardashian. She is going for free. Both parties in the street looks. Although it does not give one. And if it does it is a surprise. Once achieved the questionable cover for Vogue USA the following come alone. Touching undressing for Paper? As for it, not without getting before hand with the beloved Photoshop attack for”small enhancements”no importance.

Paper is marked its most important cover to date. So will at least achieve the attention media with the celebrity of the moment. Kim Kardashian takes over from Riccardo Tisci, Erykah Badu, Lily Allen and Courtney Love, some of the faces we have seen this year in Paper.

For the special winter the Kardashian “break the Internet”, work that is unquestionable if we refer to it. A character who polarizes the love and hate as few. And more in 2014, with a lavish to give, rather than speaking wedding.

The French photographer Jean-Paul Goude It recreates his mythical image of flying champagne on the nude model who is Kim Kardashian, now with a non-existent waist without several digital retouching.

The other day Beyoncé “he was getting a special look with a body putting:”I have 99 problems but my butt isn’t one of them”. To see the nude Kardashian already we have another woman shared that message.

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Kim Kardashian in Jezebel

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