Kim (Kardashian) after The Conquest of The Covers of Fashion. This Time by Elle

Well, well, well. It seems that Kiki Kardashian wants to make the competition to her younger sister Kendall, and put the turbo on Star in covers. Obviously none of them surpass the Paper (my eyes are still resentful to everything I explained them), but Elle It has surpassed him with the number of covers. And is that a total of three they are that we will have at our disposal if what we want is to get with one of them.

Tranquility in each one of the images the woman Kanye West goes (partially) dressed. Images in black and white or full color where the face more fashionable in the United States (and part of the whole world) poses for the English version covers Elle.

With outfits of Balmain, Burberry and Louis Vuitton, the controversial celebrity leaves all clear that he intends to be present every month in each one of the kiosks.

Abusing Photoshop, creating inconsistencies and disasters

We have already said it: controversy. That could be the adjective that best defines this woman, why these covers are not exempt. And is that if we compare with each other we are aware of abuse of Photoshop: your legs do not look the same in every one of the images, making one of them thighs are very thin and the curves of your hips or exist.

What you think about the end result?

Kim Kardashian in Jezebel

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