Kendall Jenner Cover of Teen Vogue. The Clan Kardashian Keeps Conquering Conde Nast

Kendall Jenner is getting a foothold in the world of fashion. In the latest fashion weeks, the half sister of the Kardashian trio has managed to parade for brands such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Givenchy and the magazines start to raffle it. His latest milestone? Get a cover of September, from Teen Vogue.

And is that the new model It is not a strange of Condé Nast publications. During the week of the fashion of New York made a special website for Vogue in which reality star posed with collections autumn/winter 2014 newly submitted and in the September issue of Vogue, we find ourselves with her in a story dedicated to scarves, one of the supplements star this season.

But returning to his covers for Tenn Vogue, which as you can see they are two, Kendall play the male-female posing with a look of strong male in one, inspiration and a dress in black and white and a pose very girly in the other.

What will be the next thing?

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