Kate Upton Is Marilyn Monroe to Celebrate The “Centennial” in Vanity Fair

Not every day is celebrated the anniversary by the 100 years, It is a moment even more special than any number of September that we have seen. You should go with everything for the best cover. For Vanity Fair 100 years mean falling seduced by Kate Upton popular curves in one Home where again the ghost of Marilyn Monroe.

The American press loves to continue circling on the image of Marilyn Monroe instead of creating new modern myths, which seems more difficult to so many current impacts. Above all to Vanity Fair, whose main focus are those large mythical ladies.

And it is that if you celebrate 100 years do so well. Call not to Annie Leibovitz because it will make you the same photo that has been doing for years. Call not to Kate Upton because in two days we will have forgotten it. And less need to resort to a trick so repeated as the ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ of Marilyn Monroe.

If in addition this celebrated centenary is not such, as discussed in WWD, since the magazine was not publish 50 years from 1933 until 1983, the celebration is pretty questionable. This Small cake that Kate Upton carries comes to summarize the message.