Is It an Oversight? Is The Latest Fashion?… Who Is Has Daring with The Hemline Asymmetrical?

Carrie Bradshaw It imposed trend, Sarah Jessica Parker not so much. Her day looks are like of all, those of a Mommy of 3 coming to stroll quiet, she sometimes does so only with a Jimmy Choo. However his last public appearance of street style may be a revolution intended it or not.

And is that what you see is not effect the touch-up or from carelessness or leave home rudely because the girls want to go to the Park. It is clearly studied and stitched as well and was in fact so view this very day along different times and places.

The question is very simple, now that the men wear trousers spattered, we go above and beyond. At least Sarah It intends to, and is the asymmetry to its maximum expression, to show off a low of long pants and the other with an extreme hem. Is clear that Sarah Jessica is lover of the pants, is never removed them in their day to day, and perhaps is a way to not get bored of themselves and of their outfits.

Or is it a way of laughing at all of us knowing that it was to be photographed and is going to comment? As a sociological experiment would be very interesting.

Do you fancy them? Not to mention that not too soon, perhaps within a couple of years we changed of opinion.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Jezebel

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