If You Do Not Have Any Complelemto with Pearls, I Don’t Know What Are You Waiting

Since Sophie Bille Brahe jewelry designer opted for pearls in their collections, giving them a touch of modernity and a minimalist air, there are many firms that have been encouraged to give a second chance to pearls giving them a new air and doing that when you say “pearls”, the first thing that comes to mind is not “Grandma”.

The designs of Sophie Bille Brahe are not, nor much less, for all audiences, just passed by net – Porter, one of the sites that sell their designs to realize, that it is well mass market stores join the trend of pearls so everyone can have their bit.

  • Pendant single with Pearl’s Dogeared by 23.24 EUR.
  • Earcuff Love Rocks by 25,35 EUR.
  • Mini Tous ring with Pearl and blue gem 110 euros.
  • The maxi version, with Pearl and green quartz for 69 euros.

And if you’re not very of jewelry and prefer bags, This studded clutch of pearls mixed with other Golden and black parts It is another good choice to brighten up your summer looks. Is from Asos and costs 49,29 euro.