How to Use the Clamp Collar of the Shirt Social?

At the beginning of the TWENTIETH century there was a desire that the polished collar of the men’s shirts were perfectly seated, and next to the chest, then someone had the balcony to put a pin holding the two sides together, at the same time that the accessory has left the knot of the tie slightly raised and more imposing, creating a volume between the chest and the neck that seemed to go down well for the men.

How to Use the Clamp Collar of the Shirt Social

In the decades of 20 and 30 the “collar pin” was quite popular, getting to be used by the greatest stars of the cinema of the time, but losing ground in the decades following, perhaps because of the popularity of the collar button down, whose buttons solved the problem.

Essentially we have 3 parts that are the same service, but that differ in features and in manner of use, we will talk about them, but first we must establish some rules for those who want to use this type of accessory is:

1 – The collar can not be too open, otherwise it is almost impossible to hold it;

2 – With the collar closed, the best node and the four in hand, elongated and slightly bulky;

3 – One of the fasteners will stick to his collar, the other will just hold it, the rest you need a type of shirt special and hard to find that already comes with a hole, its finish is similar to a home button;

4 – fasteners of metal are usually gold-or silver-plated, combine with other metal accessories, such as the strap of your watch, belt buckle, etc.;

5 – You can use the fastener together with a “tie clip“, but be careful with exaggeration;

6 – Some of them have props such as chains strung, stones, crystals and designs, avoid them, choose the most simple.


Important: the fasteners presented here do not serve to hold the node of the tie as a lot of people think, so do not use them to traverse the node, that can destroy the fabric and structure of the tie and you will end up with a hell of a loss!


Now meet the types of fasteners to the collar

Collar Pin

Very similar to a safety pin used in diapers, makes two holes in the collar of his shirt and approaches the two ends, while keeping them aligned. Is the clamp the more cheap and common to find, but you need to be careful at the time of perforating the collar to not ruin the shirt.

How to use: Put the after you tie the knot in the tie, puncture one of the sides, pass the accessory below the tie and make the second puncture, taking care that both are aligned and not very high, but will leave the node very raised.


Collar Bar

This model needs a shirt specific who already has the collar with a hole of the exact size of the bar that will cross it, and the rod clamped at both ends by a small ball or cube of metal that rosqueia to fix it. The problem is to find this shirt so peculiar! Even in Europe it is quite rare!

Mode of use: unscrew one of the ends, pass the rod through one of the holes of the collar of the shirt, below the node of the tie, cross the end in the other hole and screw in the head to secure the fastener.


Collar Clip

This clamp has an advantage in relation to the other: do not need holes in the collar! Clips on the end hold the two flaps, however not as firm as the collar pin, for example. Models paste clip are more varied than in the previous cases.How to use: attach one of the ends on the edge of one of the ends of the collar, pass under the us tie, then secure the other end of the other side. The methods to fix it may change according to the model, some have belt loops similar to the fasteners of clothing, others work by pressure. Make sure that the accessory is perfectly aligned, otherwise you will look sloppy.


To understand a little more about this type of accessory, watch the video below (in English):

[vsw id=”OSGFiQ9Odcs” source=”youtube” width=”570″ height=”390″ autoplay=”no”]

Style tips and where to use

The clamp collar may have a what elegant and classic, so it is recommended only for environments a bit more formal, requiring at least a blazer, shirt and tie. There are those who use only with the shirt, but I don’t think that the end result justifies it, in fact I consider the combination of the relatively poor.

The prop can work well to newlyweds or graduates, but I do not think advisable for the guests, since there is the risk that you call more attention than the hosts of the party. Also there is space for it in an upscale dining or an event that requires formal attire full.

In the work, the fasteners may be used that does not destoem of the environment or that are not accepted by the dress code of the company.


As you can see in the gallery below, it is possible to find the collar clip, collar pin and collar bar in a variety of series such as Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and White Collar, in addition to movies like The Great Gatsby, The godfather and Wall Street’s Power and Greed, the latter was responsible for bringing the catch back to fashion in the 80s, after a few years in low. We’ve also introduced some examples of use of the accessory.

Click on the photos to see them enlarged.

Where to buy?

You can find fasteners to the collar on Etsy, in the Free Market , and on Ali Express.