How To Dress When You Are Brunette?

It suits best to the Brown girls? With what color dress to highlight his brown hair? At each coloring hair colors of clothing. Clothing tips to help you to associate colors with your hair and adopt the perfect dress code for Brunettes.

It’s decided, you want a little makeover! You renew your wardrobe or make sorting in your closet and looking for typing just compared to your hairstyle. Do you know which shades give you good looks and who you will least? Dress with the right colors depending on its colouring to sublimate her hair and highlight its reflections is an art. Colorimetry technique is sometimes dark and color a science complex. Many factors are to be taken into account. A few basic principles of fashion tips will help you to enhance your assets, express your personality and make you naturally more beautiful. Comprehensive program!

If it’s your body that dictates which styles of clothing you are the better, must closely analyze your hair to make the right choices of colors and create your perfect outfit.

Brunettes not count for nothing! said Lio. Good pick! Women with brown hair are lucky: many colors of clothing fits them, because this rather neutral tone (almost) goes with everything. But there are exceptions and details to highlight to be well-dressed and sublimate his style.

Define her hair color

It is often said you that you have found the ideal hair color and you have everything a real brunette. Yes, but why? Because everything depends on the Brown!

  • A hot Brown

Your hair similar to warm tones, you have a brown to bright and Golden reflections. A typology is similar to the Brown.



  • A cold Brown

You’re more of the family of cold tones who shoot highlights blue and magenta.

Determine this hue and choose your camp to then paste these hues in your clothes. You can set the friendly colors of your closet. What highlight your hair and your outfit with flow to create a hairstyle totally harmonious clothing set.

Consider the color of the complexion

In the land of the Brown, the color of skin is to be considered according to its luster, to choose a color scheme for your skin tone .

  • Brown hair with light skin

Your skin is white, or pale. A porcelain complexion, all in contrast to the hair. This is called ‘woman winter’. We will seek to have the same intensity of colors between skin and clothing to not to accentuate the whiteness of the skin with a delicate mix.

The range of colors that would work for you:

Colors vivid and Frank to wake up your skin, like electric, azure blue, lavender, bright red, sustained roses type pink, Plum, Khaki green, pine, olive and Ruby.

Mistakes to avoid:

Get big contrasts of color with pale tones like Brown, green and pastel pink clear, white and beige only as Matt tones. They will create too much contrast with your skin.

Similarly, on the other hand, an outfit together too dark will accentuate redness and circles.

  • The Brunettes with a dark complexion

You are a woman of the Sun with the tanned skin. Said to you that you are a ‘woman was’ or ‘woman fall ‘. You are lucky to have a skin without gloss !

The range of colors that would work for you:

The soft hues and more vitamin: Navy Blue, green bottle, almond, raspberry pink, mouse, light gray and orange.

Mistakes to avoid:

Beige, shades of yellow and white, because we see more than that. They darken skin and highlight defects.

Colors to get married

When you want to add a color, everything becomes complicated. Find associations of colors that go as if it flowed great subtlety of source application. Just bet, we can say to each season its favorite color combination!

  • Brown and yellow in autumn

Between low sun and colors of autumn leaves, this assemblage of shades awakens the Golden reflections of the hot Brown.

  • Red, gray and black in winter

Perfect winter, this mix of three colours allows to play fatal woman, without turning off her hair color. Depending on the characters, we can go on more or less intense reds. Or in the same vein, you can adopt a less clear-cut combination of colors: chocolate and Red Brown.

  • Orange and pink in eteteint bla

This is a vitamin mixture to dare the summer! To push the girly look at its worst, we can go up to match all of a shinny gloss and a flashy Nail Polish.

  • Purple and green almond in the spring

A mix sweet and spring to create a nice romantic look.

Colors to avoid

Brunettes are worse off, although there are still a few caveats to avoid stylistic missteps.

  • Everything is a matter of dosage of colors.

Make sure that the color of the outfit is not more intense than the hair color, at the risk of seeing the hair fade.

  • Green, green anise, handle with care type

Many wear Green is a puzzle. It can immediately give a sallow complexion and a total look chocolate too much. Better to avoid to wear close to the face but rather in pants, skirt or so in small touches.

  • Avoid certain associations

Red and pink, Brown and black, Navy Blue and black. Rihanna manages to do it brilliantly but everyone isn’t likely to have as daring as the singer from Barbados.


Avoid loops and Brown necklaces, they may blend into your hair. Unless the material is surprising, type natural wood jewelry. Are, focus on the effects of materials.

Choose stones to Frank shades. To play more natural, warm-toned Brunettes will opt for gold jewelry that highlight and illuminate the movement of hair, when those cold tones will turn instead to money (and white gold for the wealthiest and luckiest of you).

To go further…

To do it right, you must also pay attention to the color of your eyes, history to also define what makeup adopt when you’re Brown. In a general way, Kohl and mascarra Brown or black, the two you are fine. Remains to be seen if looking for depth in the eyes with the first or the intensity with the second.

To deepen your makeover in Colorimetry hair/eyes/complexion, it is best you turn to a professional to thoroughly analyze your style.

Remember that in order to match the colors of the clothes with those of your hair, it’s all about balance and nuance. But don’t forget to make it work, it must especially be comfortable in his skin and assume the colors we wear, to find the style that suits you and put you in value naturally.