How To Choose His Coat Based On Its Morphology?

Long, oversized, varnish, cape, parka XXL, fake fur: what coat is right for you? Choose its coat according to its morphology is not always easy. Here are a few fashion tips for what coats go to your figure, in order to find the perfect coat for winter.

Invest in a good coat is a good thing for winter warm, but still need to choose the right coat that fits you well. Well, that’s another story!

Big, small, with a curvaceous, slim… Find the perfect coat which highlights the silhouette, like to choose the perfect dress, to take into account its morphology. Find the good coat which is fine does not happen randomly. He needs to spend some time in the cabin of fitting and well know his body.

A choice to take much less seriously that is a centerpiece of your wardrobe. In addition, he accompanies you for several months for the cold season.

Then, as put the odds on his side relying on its morpho to get it right, just to be sure to find the perfect coat !

Choose its coat according to its morphology: classic cuts

  • The long coat

It is suitable for large girls who have a slender and long legs.

We particularly like the mantle that falls to the ankles, reserved for very large women.

  • The bathrobe coat

He’s going to voluptuous women, who have a slim waist, a beautiful chest and hips.

Belt size allows to highlight women’s curves gently hourglass silhouette. What seem slimmer in a jiffy!

  • The cape

The cape coat gives the silhouette a trapeze, a little way superhero form. What suits the luscious women and generous chest.

How to wear the cape ? For more originality, we can go on bright colors that wake up the winter. Wear it with a mini-sac for a look baby doll chewable.

  • The military coat

Attention! Military fashion will go very well to the androgynous silhouettes, to cultivate this unusual profile.

A enhance lined boots for example.

Choose his coat according to morphology: the eccentric models

  • Fake fur

A bold cut that fits well with the small and thin women.

It does not coat faux fur if it does not have the fancy and want to go unnoticed. Better, we adds it details of sophistication, glitter and sequins understood, to complete his evening wear .

  • Oversize

The XXL is a coat trend that will stack to large who have beautiful generous forms.

We prefer this version, dark, grey, black or even dark brown.

  • The skin of returned wool coat

Structured, it’s the coat that goes very well to athletic girls!

Question style, it is perfect for the healthy life followers green. Guarantee for a natural look.

  • The coat varnish

A large cut that falls on women to the square shoulders and hips.

It goes even further by daring a true color that erupts in the face!

  • The parka XXL

Quite impressive because of its wide shape, the oversize parka fine full-bodied girls.

Sports will love its sleek and practical side.

  • Print

Not always easy to wear for several weeks now, the printed coat is very suitable for women strong and not too large.

When we choose, we opt for the eccentricity. So, we do not hesitate to drive the nail with motives still more wide-open, undersold offashion accessories XXL and bling-bling!